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What Blogs Do Sojourn Pastors Read?

One of my Facebook friends posted a story idea on my Facebook wall. He wondered if TravelBlog could run a blog post that asked Sojourn pastors which blogs they read.

So I asked them.

I changed the question to “which non-Sojourn blogs do you read” because that makes it a bit more interesting.  And interesting it is.  Beyond the many helpful theological blogs, did you know that Pastor Mike Cosper reads Anthony Bourdain’s blog about travel and cooking?  Or that Pastor Jared Kennedy reads something called “Bookie Woogie”?  And does Pastor Bryce Butler read The Art Of Manliness because he is manly, or is he manly because he reads The Art of Manliness?

Here are responses from several of our pastors, in the order that they responded to me:

Pastor Rob Plummer:

Justin Taylor’s “Between Two Worlds,” and, though it is not my favorite blog, I do read every post of

Pastor Jared Kennedy:

Ministry To Children
Children’s Hour Books
Bookie Woogie
Life Together
The Inclusive Church

I also read Justin Taylor, Kevin DeYoung, and Scotty Smith.

Pastor Mike Cosper:

I don’t read a ton of blogs, but I’m faithful with a few:

For less bloggy-type blogs/regular web reading

Pastor Bryce Butler:

Acts 29 Blog

Business as Mission Network

Challies Dot Com

Fast Company


Justin Taylor


MintLife Blog – Personal Finance, News & Advice

Moore to the Point


The Art of Manliness


What’s Best Next

Pastor Gary Almon

I’m still old-fashioned. I believe in books as my primary source of reading.  However, lately I’ve been reading the blogs from the family pastors at CCC church in Atlanta and Life Church in Edmond, Oklahoma.  l’ve been researching strategy for mutli-site family ministry.  Its surprising to find the amount of information that is already on the web.  Multi-site churches are becoming a common event in our culture and the concern to maintain a one church/many campus strategy among the non-pulpit ministries is a big challenge.

Pastor Lisle Drury

Justin Taylor

Zach Neilson – Vitamin Z

Doug Wolter’s Life2gether

The Resurgence

Josh Harris

Pastor James Santos

First Importance – As a Christian, I cannot get enough of the gospel in my life.  If one is struggling to think and rejoice in the gospel, this blog is excellent to prime the pump or encourage a person throughout the day.

Brian Croft As far as a local friend and pastor I know and discovered this year, Brian Croft’s blog has been challenging and refreshing.  This blog is filled with great practical wisdom for pastoral ministry.

CCEF -  CCEF’s stuff is practical theology at its best.  The articles and podcasts equips you to do ministry, but at the same time ministers to your own heart.

Matt Permann -  This blog has challenged me in the area of biblical productivity.  Given my role as a manager in a retail store and a dad at home, I’ve gained tools to use in the workplace and at home.

Scotty Smith – By far this blog has renewed, challenged, and encouraged me this year.  Renewed me in Christ through faith, hope, and love.  Challenged me to preach the gospel to my weary and wayward heart.  Encouraged me to pray more fervently for myself and others.

About Bobby Gilles Bobby Gilles is Content Strategist for Sojourn Community Church, author of “Our Home Is Like A Little Church” and worship songs such as “Lead Us Back," “Warrior,” "Let Your Blood Plead For Me," and "All I Have Is Yours." Listen to all his songs & read his tips on songwriting & church communications at

4 Responses to What Blogs Do Sojourn Pastors Read?

  1. Linda Stepp says:

    Great question for them, good tips for us. :o )

  2. Chandler ?=^) says:

    Sounds like a lot of pretty serious/heavy stuff, which is important. For something a little lighter, I highly recommend:

    This Christian guy makes fun of a lot of our Christian-eze, but then also makes you really think about the Message that we need to bring to the world.


  3. Connie Boudreaux says:

    Great insights into what our pastors read! I had asked for this a long time ago! Thanks for the research and post Bobby. I really enjoyed James Santos’ list, as I am in a new position for myself, as a manager over serveral people, and have found the spiritual warfare very intense in the retail world. Thanks James!

  4. Patty Eiden says:

    Thank you all for posting these. I am always looking for gospel-centered reading, devotions and teaching, so I really appreciate the theological blogs. There are a few I was familiar with, but several I wasn’t aware of, and I’ve bookmarked some to read regularly. I love the “Of First Importance” devotionals. This was very helpful – thank you!

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